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NK Consulting is uniquely positioned to forecast risk on projects taking place both inside North Korea – or outside, where there is scope to be affected by North Korean actions.
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Risk Analysis

We'll help you identify the ways North Korea may impact your project

NK Consulting is uniquely positioned to forecast risk on projects taking place both inside North Korea – or outside, where there is scope to be affected by North Korean actions.


Diverse Sources

NK Consulting brings together expertise from specialists within the fields of government, security, business and not-for-profit to provide an all-encompassing basis for threat identification and analysis. Whether it’s a project you’re planning inside North Korea, or one taking far away with the potential to be affected by DPRK actions – NK Consulting can help you identify and mitigate the risk.

In Country Expertise

Working with specialists either permanently based inside the DPRK or making regular visits to the country across a variety of sectors, NK Consulting is able to draw upon local know-how and tacit on-the-ground experience to better inform your project. Leverage our network to minimize project friction.


Business Risk and Opportunity

NK Consulting is capable of helping business make informed decisions about working inside the DPRK by providing analysis on the full range of indicators required to make informed decisions. From providing real-world understanding on how legislation is implemented to language assistance on non-English source material, we’re able to highlight the risks and benefits to business interaction with the DPRK.

An Objective Outlook

Basing our work on the same objective and independent basis that makes our sister news service such a success, you can be assured of receiving the most comprehensive and impartial information in the field. 100% unaffiliated to the DPRK government, NK Consulting draws upon its extensive network to provide analysis to clients with honesty and integrity.


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