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NK Consulting helped Uniquely.Travel develop an interactive guide of North Korea's tourism industry, infrastructure, and culture for iOS and Android devices.
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North Korea Travel Guide

Project type: Business and Infrastructure Research

NK Consulting helped Uniquely.Travel develop an interactive guide of North Korea’s tourism industry, infrastructure, and culture for iOS and Android devices.

The app, which provides the most comprehensive guide of DPRK travel infrastructure in existence, saw NK Consulting project manage the geolocation and profiling of over 350 places of interest, scenic spots, hotels, restaurants, leisure facilities and more.

In addition to the location-based content, NK Consulting developed country-specific information for the app focusing on culture, ethics, language and more.

Furthermore NK Consulting managed the successful launch phase of the app, ensuring it being reported in over 60 mainstream media outlets within the first month of deployment.


Travel Infrastructure Identification

Working in collaboration with leading satellite imagery specialists and travel industry experts, NK Consulting geolocated, profiled, photographed, and categorized over 350 individual places of interest and accommodations tourists may currently visit in North Korea.

The result is the most comprehensive, interactive and up-to-date guide to DPRK travel and tourism infrastructure in the world.  The final database is searchable by location, category, and name.

Agency Integration

NK Consulting helped Uniquely.Travel partner with a wide range of DPRK tourist industry providers to add additional value for clients using the North Korea Travel app.

Through partnership arrangements with six leading DPRK agencies, the North Korea Travel app connected users with companies selling both group and individual tours within North Korea. Furthermore, the app allowed users to generate custom tour requests, while also offering a coupon system to provide discounts to end users.

Ethics, Culture and Language

In addition to information on the DPRK’s travel infrastructure, NK Consulting recommended the inclusion of information to help potential tourists contextualize a visit to North Korea.

A prime area of suggested focus was therefore the ethics of travel in DPRK, a controversial destination for many. As such, the final product included a lengthy review of the ethical ramifications of travel to the DPRK, a look at “dos and donts” for tourists wishing to have a safe trip, and look at history and society of the country.

Furthermore, an adapted language guide was included for visitors interested in speaking Chosonmal to local North Koreans during their stay.

Launch Publicity

Drawing on staff media environment expertise, NK Consulting oversaw the pre-press publicity and launch of the North Korea Travel app on behalf of Uniquely.Travel.

Garnering over 70 unique media citations on launch week alone, highlight coverage included BBC, CNN, the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Fox News, Korea Times and Guardian.


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