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With more news, information and data coming out on North Korea than ever more, it has become increasingly difficult to conduct reliable and professional-grade research on the country.
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Custom Research

Combining in-country understanding, unique data and expert analysis

With more news, information and data coming out on North Korea than ever more, it has become increasingly difficult to conduct reliable and professional-grade research on the country.

From grasping the full range of inputs required to underpin analysis, to harnessing the full range of specialized expertise required to make sense of it, projects on North Korea require specialist understanding like never before.

Making full use of its wide-ranging network, NK Consulting is in a unique position to offer a wide range of custom research services to help inform projects in sectors including government, not-for-profit, business and media.

From tracking North Korean shipping movements to conducting wide-ranging defector surveys, NK Consulting can help bolster your work with unique data, expert analysis, and sound research.

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Research Areas Include:

Satellite Analysis

Satellite imagery analysis has become an increasingly important tool for understanding developments in North Korea, with the effect  contemporary projects lacking a satellite element often miss key indicators. From identifying the construction of new infrastructure to observing developments in the military sphere, specialized North Korea-focused satellite analysis provides empirical evidence which is difficult to rival.

Illicit Trade

Repeated UN sanctions and increased international scrutiny have put significant barriers on Pyongyang’s ability to send cargo overseas unmolested. Yet despite increased difficulties, North Korean actors continue their trade of sanctioned materials, often doing so in face of significant financial penalties. With specialist research capacities in this area, NK Consulting can help clients working on DPRK sanctions implementation with unrivaled skills and expertise.


Market Research

Given the particularities of the DPRK sector, visits to the country with even the most accomplished of consultants will never provide an accurate representation of the domestic market. But by combining detailed analysis of trade data with input from in-country sources and recently departed defector communities, NK Consulting’s analysts can provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of the DPRK market.

Defector Consulation

Despite over 25,000 defectors presently living in South Korea, their voices are an underused resource in the research of contemporary North Korea. But leveraging its extensive defector and refugee networks, NK Consulting is able to source opinion and analysis – in survey, documentary or individual formats – from a wide range of former North Korean residents. Such inputs can provide projects taking place inside and outside of the country with personal insights to better increase both relevance and impact.


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